These are the most important things customers want their banks to change urgently

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Business Insider Sub Saharan Africa identifies some of the important things customers want to be changed by their banks.

Banks in Nigeria are going to new lengths to attract and retain customers with various features ranging from mobile banking to online banking. However, a large number of customers still have problems with their banks.

Many Nigerians have a lot of things that they want their banks to change but while some keep banking with these banks, others end up quitting to find better services elsewhere.

With the current ad campaigns and the introduction of banking features, it is obvious that the Nigerian banks have the power to attract customers as well as retain the ones they already have only if more attention is given to exact wants of the customers.

A survey of customers drawn from Lagos, Oyo, Kano, Jos, Ogun, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Enugu reveals what bank customers currently want to be changed.

This report intends to help bank’s customers’ relations department focus their attention on what customers desire from their banks.

Guaranty Trust Bank

Over 50 percent of GTBank customers interviewed for this report agree that the bank is the choice of youths as well as upwardly mobile Nigerians. However, these customers also have issues they want the bank management to fix immediately. Customers want the bank to stop irrational deductions; establish more branches; give interest on savings; finance more businesses and lower lending rate; improve on turnaround time for banking operations like in-hall services; expand its branch network, infuse more technology and make connectivity stable.

Access Bank

For customers using Access bank, the complaints are: stop banking deductions which are perceived to be irrational; quick response to ATM issues and provision of regular information to account holders on accounts.

Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank customers also want the bank’s management to make some changes with immediate effect. The customers want the bank to improve on Unstructured Supplementary Service Data service (quick SMS codes); improve on its online and mobile banking, which is perceived too rigid; to support small businesses; improve on transparency in its banking services and fast-tracking process in replacing ATM card.

First Bank

With a number of customers in its fold, First Bank customers want the bank’s management to facilitate more lending to SMEs and agricultural sector by reducing the interest rate on loans and providing less documentation; find measures to reduce queues in the banking halls and at ATMs; improve on transparency in its banking services.

Skye Bank

For customers of Skye Bank, a couple of changes is what is needed to retain the customers in the fold. According to the result of the survey, the customers of this bank want the end to irrational deductions; improve efficiency on customer relations; upgrade the mobile and online banking app to much customer friendly interphase.

First City Monument Bank

The few customers of the First City Monument Bank, who were interviewed for this survey only want the bank to give out more loans at a low-interest rate.

Keystone Bank

Customers of Keystone Bank want the bank to address challenges ranging from what was described as hidden charges as well as ATM maximum withdrawal amount. Customers of the bank also yearn for more branches across the federation with more friendly customer relations officers.


The management of the United Bank for Africa might have quite a number of issues to resolve after the considerable number of their customers aired their concerns about the services of the bank. Some of the changes the customers want include a regular upgrade of services within the bank and online; incessant deductions which are perceived irrational, improvement of the USSD services and improvement on banking operation.

Sterling Bank

The management of Sterling Bank has also been called upon by customers, who want some changes as quick as possible. The customers, during the survey, want the bank to give more loans with less stringent terms and increase its branches across the country.

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