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  • Address : No. 1, Keystone Bank Crescent, Off Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Contact Phone 1 : +234 700 2000 3000
  • Contact Phone 2 : +234 700 2000 3000


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Keystone Bank operates with best practices and offers leading solutions and services to its clients and associates. We are at your service and will always be your preferred and indispensable partner as we offer Convenient & Reliable solutions in our journey with you.

Keystone Bank Limited (“Keystone” or the “Bank”) was granted a commercial banking license in 2011 by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as a successor bank to the erstwhile Bank PHB.
The Bank currently has 154 branches, in addition to two (2) international subsidiaries and one (1) local insurance company inherited from the predecessor bank. The subsidiaries include: Global Bank Liberia; Keystone Bank, Sierra Leone; and KBL Insurance.

Following the successful completion of AMCON’s divestment from the Bank, a 5-man Transitional Board was set up to oversee the repositioning of the Bank for growth and competitiveness. The transitional arrangement was successfully concluded on August 15, 2017 with the assumption of office of the substantive MD/CEO.

The appointment of a substantive board and executive members marks a major milestone in a seamless transition process, and is a pointer to the focused and professional approach to governance that Keystone Bank is now known for.



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  1. When it comes to customer service in Nigerian banks, we all have had either a good or bad experience but in your opinion which bank offers the best customer service? 👇

  2. Muhammad Sultan @MorhSultan My hate for keystone bank is on another level ryt now. How can some1 be on a queue for more than an hour with only 4 people ahead of you. I hate that bank

  3. Customer service looked a little lackluster well I think their little or no customer patronage same goes to their teller staff. But on the good side, I like and would recommend their style or choice of tag for staff identification. “On a plaque” very visible on each staff table.

  4. The customer service needs to be improved on so also their E-channels, as i encounter difficulty sometimes to access their e-channels. The branches have low proximity to designated locations.

  5. Keystone Bank is an amazing bank with a lot of services that are customer-friendly.

  6. Good bank with fair customer service, but there is need for lots of improvement in terms of banking environment, accessibility/proximity, and online services.

  7. Keystone needs to improve on its online banking platforms, the user experience is not on par with other local banks.

  8. 52, Adeola Odeku, Street, Victoria Island.
    The securities were polite in their manner of approach.

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