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  1. I’ve been banking with them for years and I lost my account details and they wouldn’t want to unfreeze the account because there server for old account is not functional

    1. GTBank has not been customer friendly since the Covid-19 lockdown started. Their e-banking often disappoints and in many cases, it take days to reverse dispense errors.

    1. The app is good but the problem is there premises which is not enough for the customers here in Kebbi state.

  2. I’m really not happy due to the fact that I get my bank alerts really late and most times the network gets really bad when transferring funds thus my money hangs without reaching it’s destination…..

    1. I learnt from CBN that it is illegal for banks to charge for ATM maintenance services on account that is not not used for 3 months. In my case, I was charged by Access Bank and in fact my account balance is now -₦50 on the account that I didn’t use for more than 3 months.

  3. I have been banking with Guarantee Trust Bank for 13 years now and I never had the opportunity to complain about any of their services because there was never anything to complain about. Keep it up, meanwhile, I am speaking for myself.

  4. GT Bank is definitely one of the most amazing banks out there. Mobile service is very easy to use, customer service is reliable.

    1. I have been operating Gtbank for at least, 11 years now. One issue I have with them is the unnecessary monthly charges, even when I don’t operate the account for some time, I’ll still get debit alerts from them, for sms charges. I think it should stop.

  5. They used to be a good bank, but unfortunately they lost it and not to talk of their very unprofessional customer service.

  6. I’ve been banking with them for a while. I stay in Kaduna, their branches in Barnawa and Bypass are actually good. However, I haven’t enjoyed the services with their branches in Murtala Square and Kano road. The security serviceswere disrespectful to traders who came to lodge complaint.
    Other than that I’d say they have a sound internet banking system and the ATMs are satisfactory reliable.

  7. they are fast in their transactions but can’t accommodated the large number of customers they have, also there are some charges that are unexplained

  8. Accessing the banking services is stressful and inconvenient especially during this period of pandemic, even the ATMs are not always functioning or out of service

  9. Been with access bank for about 5 years and I gotta say,their services are not commendable.They are not as reliable as they use to be.They should do better

  10. I have been encountering severe network issues when attempting to make funds transfer. I will be be debited, but the transaction fails to complete.

  11. The banks ATMs are always great to use, getting money is not difficult at all. Love the staff attitude always willing to help out. Amazing back services.

  12. I love the way the bank addresses their female customers and also love the interface of their online banking. I love banking with Jai’z Bank, keep it up

  13. they have very good banking system but in terms of ATM machine they need to add some machines because many times people use to be crowded

  14. And for the key stone bank they need to installed ATM machine I think they are the bank with only one ATM machine

  15. I think they need to have more ATM machine cuz of the queue because you can stand for more than an hour before you withdraw

  16. The bank has so many customers but they don’t treat their customers the way other banks used to do and they supposed to have many branches in order to make easy banking for their customers

  17. Well for me it has really been hard using the banking hall during this pandemic because of covid protocols and restrictions but anytime I go to the bank especially access bank, it really takes a while before my services are met. I know this is due to the covid but bank services provided in terms of efficiency are much okay.

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